DAB Water Technology, an Italian frontrunner in the global water management industry, has launched its solar energy pumping system S4SUN, which can be used in regions without electricity. DAB also launched DAB FX submersible pumps that are efficient, reliable and resistant for lifting and movement of civil and industrial wastewater.

With a pumping system using solar energy, S4SUN is the solar motor capable of collecting water everywhere in the world, even in the poorest and most remote areas, where electricity is absent or heavily unstable. DAB, driven by innovation and technology, reliability and sustainability, caters to the higher demand for energy-efficient technology solutions for water management in urban development. DAB’s solutions utilise the advantages of renewable energy for urban development. 

DAB Water Technology is among a few water technology solution providers globally to offer a comprehensive range of water management solutions with more than 2,000 products. DAB produces over three million pumps per year catering mainly to residential, commercial, and agricultural irrigation sectors. The industrial technology giant manufactures a wide range of electrical pumps, motors for submersible pumps, and electronic solutions for pumping systems. DAB offers energy-saving Italian technologies, in line with its interest in sustainability and a strong awareness of the environmental impact of our solutions. 

Sandro Stramare, Group CEO at DAB Water Technology, said, “We are continuously growing, thanks to the solutions that drive innovation based on simplicity. We are committed to environmental conservation, in line with the current transformation of Dubai and the region towards green technology.” 

“At DAB, we ignited the desire to care for the precious water by offering innovative highly energy-efficient technologies to improve the quality of the life of people and safeguard the planet. The aim is to make water available everywhere, through efficient and reliable solutions more and more driven by green technology,” he added. 

Riccardo Sauro, CISMEA & APREG Regional Manager at DAB Water Technology, said, “We bring the S4SUN pumping system running with solar energy that can be used even in the most remote regions, where the electricity network may be absent or heavily unstable. The innovative FX, the benchmark for the movement of wastewater, with a new highly effective design, construction and performance characteristics.”

“DAB plans to enhance its business in the GCC by increasing competitiveness and offering high-quality pumps with energy-saving features and advanced technology. DAB has a strong network of distributors for the region with a strong team to manage business development. Our products are more advanced, sustainable and energy-efficient than ever before, and the perfect answer to the significant changes occurring in Dubai and the Middle East as a whole,” he added. 

DAB’s focus is the exponential infrastructure-development underway in this region with a huge requirement for sustainable water pumping, submersible motoring and other water management technology solutions. DAB specifically focuses on environmental issues by promoting various initiatives to reduce the environmental impact, and 100 per cent of the water used in processing is filtered and reused. DAB solutions enable ease of installation, energy savings and maximum reliability in the domestic, residential, and civil sectors. 

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