Mobily made a major leap after the successful completion of the first 5G call made using a 5G stand-alone (5G SA) network in the Kingdom. Unlike all currently available 5G networks in the Kingdom, a 5G SA network does not rely on traditional 4G technology and offers pure 5G network technology from handset to radio and to the core offering higher speeds along with ultra-low latency.

Chief Technology Officer at Mobily Eng. Alaa Malki said, “The trial took place in Eastern region and showcased the immense potential of 5G technologies, with the 5G SA smartphone achieving high download and upload speeds along with the capabilities that will help facilitate new digital applications for businesses and individuals in the country. The latest trial was made possible by recent Mobily network upgrades.”

5G SA architecture provides immense throughputs and low latencies as well as enables Mobily to target new markets including enterprises and industries using flexible and distributed network architecture. Mobily’s ongoing investments and trials in 5G technology are part of its wider support of digital transformation in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, implementing cutting-edge technologies to enhance industries and public services. With 5G services, Mobily customers can expect faster download and upload speeds, lower latency and enhanced security.

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