Adyen Launches Data Connect for Marketing in the UAE


Adyen has launched Data Connect for Marketing in the UAE. This new product enables omnichannel retailers to leverage payment data to improve marketing initiatives and provide an enhanced understanding of customers.

Unique profile identifiers can link previously unidentified in-store transactions to shopper profiles, unlocking a wide range of analytics-driven use cases. With a deeper customer understanding, businesses can reward customer loyalty, tailor shopper experiences, and drive value for their existing customers.

With a majority of transactions up to 76% occurring in physical stores but lacking customer identification, UAE retailers face a significant “blind spot” in understanding their customers’ preferences. Data Connect for Marketing removes this by providing a structured data set that integrates easily into a business’ external tooling, with use cases ranging from Customer Data Platform (CDP) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Salesforce, an American cloud-based software company, is one of the first players to build this integration to offer payments-enriched profiles to their customer base.

Sander Maertens, Head of Middle East for Adyen, said: “Omnichannel retail businesses often face challenges in acquiring a sufficient understanding of the in-store customer journey to provide engaging, personalized experiences. Valuable data is being overlooked and the opportunity for insights is simply being lost. Adyen’s Data Connect for Marketing can help UAE retailers get a complete customer profile by linking transactions across all sales channels using unique payment identifiers. This unlocks a wealth of data for retailers that help them offer a personalized shopping experience, boost customer loyalty and optimize their marketing strategy.”

Rather than relying on third-party data sources in an attempt to understand their customers, Data Connect for Marketing means businesses can now leverage their own first-party payment data to recognize the customer behind each transaction and build a comprehensive customer view. This capability presents a large opportunity for businesses to enhance their loyalty offering, as Adyen’s data reveals that 78% of UAE consumers report they would like to see more personalized discounting from the retailers they shop most regularly with. Likewise, nearly half (67%) of consumers prefer retailers who remember their preferences and previous shopping behaviours to create more tailored shopping experiences.

Adyen’s latest product is already helping global fashion group AWWG (Pepe Jeans London, Hackett and Façonnable) improve its customer loyalty programs. Commenting on Adyen’s Data Connect for Marketing, Angel Vázquez Cabezas, Group Head of Customer Care for AWWG, said: “Our top priority is gaining a deeper understanding of our customers. Data Connect for Marketing helps us to identify individual shoppers who make purchases with us across multiple channels, sometimes with different registrations. It means we can better communicate with individuals, with really relevant, timely experiences.”

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