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AEMACO Enables Servhub to Achieve 20% Energy Savings With Its Innovative Solutions


AEMACO, a leading provider of comprehensive energy management solutions, announced that it has successfully deployed its innovative energy management solution at Servhub’s labour camp in the UAE, which has helped the facilities management company reduce its energy consumption by 20%. Established in 2020, AEMACO initially focused on air conditioning systems (ACs) and developed its own hardware and software solution for monitoring and controlling ACs, making it the first of its kind in the UAE and Saudi markets. The company’s IoT hardware, comprising sensors and transmitters, can interface with the AC units across various buildings, while the software consolidates all directives to manage the devices.

AEMACO worked with PROVEN Solution to develop this energy management solution and implemented it at Servhub’s labour camp facility in the UAE. The unified platform solution helped the facility reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and increase equipment lifespan. The combination of the IoT hardware device AirEcon and the AI-enabled software allows users to optimize energy usage automatically and boost energy efficiency.

Saboor Ahmad, CEO, AEMACO

“Recognizing the impact of utility consumption on building management costs, we aimed to develop a solution that would reduce expenses, improve energy efficiency, and incorporate automation. We began with air conditioners, given their significant power consumption in the Middle East, and plan to expand our focus on water and electricity. We successfully helped Servhub reduce energy costs and optimize the management of their energy devices at their facility camp. Looking at the success of this project, we look forward to advancing our technologies further to other facilities such as schools, mosques, and hospitals and promote energy-saving solutions tailored for diverse facility needs,” said Saboor Ahmad, CEO, AEMACO.

Speaking on behalf of Servhub, PROVEN Arabia’s group company, Zaid Al Mashari, CEO and Co-Founder, PROVEN Arabia, said, “Servhub is a leading comprehensive blue-collar service provider in the region. Its facility buildings are designed to minimize cost, enhance energy efficiency, and adhere to sustainability principles. We are proud to be working with AEMACO and chose their innovative energy management solution that is user-friendly, cost-effective, and easily customizable. We achieved a remarkable 20% energy consumption reduction using AEMACO’s solution and we plan to implement it in other facilities too.”

AEMACO’s solution was implemented as a pilot project at Two of Servhub’s labour camp facilities, comprising 157 rooms and approximately 1200 residents. All air conditioning (AC) units in the facility were integrated with a hardware gateway device, facilitating communication between the software and the units. The AC units were grouped by floor or building level and managed through a single software interface. The system enabled the authorized personnel to remotely oversee all units and receive real-time updates on energy usage, and detect anomalies, making it a proactive approach. The software operates on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and was developed by PROVEN Solution, a start-up that deals primarily with technological solutions within the fields of robotics and virtual reality.

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