du to Forge Partnerships to Support its Customers’ Needs at GITEX 2023


Karim Benkirane, Chief Commercial Officer, du, speaks about his company’s participation at the event

Tell us about your participation at GITEX Global 2023. Which products and solutions will you be showcasing at the event?
At GITEX Global 2023, du will be participating with a range of innovative products and solutions that align with their theme of “Shaping a sustainable tomorrow through advanced technology.” du’s participation at GITEX Global 2023 revolves around building on the UAE’s strategic vision and supporting COP28 by providing government entities with a reliable network. Their aim is to inspire a future where connectivity, technology, and sustainability merge to enable the full potential of digital in every organisation. du is committed to realising the potential of 5G (5.5G / 6G) technology, fostering sustainability, safety, worker satisfaction, and the development of tech skills.

du will be displaying showcases such as the Future Factory, Future of Farming And Agriculture, Future of Parks, Future of Education, Future of Wellness and Healthcare, Connected Recycling, Amina the AI Business Enabler, API Fraud Detection and Identity Management, and Future of Telco. Ultimately, du seeks to amplify technology to contribute towards a sustainable humanity.

What are your expectations from the event this year?
This year, as we align with the global vision of sustainability and net zero by 2050, we aim to leverage the GITEX Global 2023 platform to showcase our innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. We are eager to connect with a diverse audience comprising government entities, startups, SMEs, and industry professionals. We also aim to make a lasting impression, foster meaningful partnerships, generate substantial interest, and gain valuable insights through networking opportunities.

Our primary objective is to forge significant partnerships that will support our customers’ needs and contribute to the realization of the sustainability vision. We understand the immense potential that lies within collaborative efforts, and we are excited to explore the latest technological advancements and opportunities for coordination with other entities. By staying informed about the latest tech trends, we can ensure that we are at the forefront of innovation, setting the groundwork for future collaborations that will drive impactful change.

What will be your theme of participation at GITEX Global 2023?
du’s theme of participation at GITEX Global 2023 is “Shaping a sustainable tomorrow through advanced technology.” du is focused on leveraging cutting-edge technology to create a better society. Through their Future Factory, they utilise robotic automation to save energy. In agriculture, they embrace advanced tech to efficiently manage resources. They are shaping the future of education with AI virtual tutors that personalise the learning experience. In healthcare, they create one-stop geriatric centres for complex medical needs and the Future of Parks showcase focuses on three key aspects: park ticketless entry with seamless identity management, worker satisfaction and tech skills, and sustainability.

Additionally, du drives digital empowerment and revolutionises the business landscape by enabling government entities’ digital transformation through cloud migration, AI, IoT, Blockchain, data centres, and 5G. They empower startups and SMEs with their AI-powered consultant, Amani, and provide AI-powered guidance for SMEs during the business setup process. Furthermore, du is committed to sustainability and driving positive change. They have implemented initiatives such as solar-powered mobile towers that contribute energy back to the grid and a global marketplace for connected recycling, enhancing efficiency and offering smart fintech solutions.

How have your regional strategies changed in recent months?
In recent months, our regional strategies have experienced a remarkable transformation in response to the UAE’s strategic vision and the imperative of sustainability. Despite these changes, our unwavering commitment to our customers remains at the heart of our plans.

Aligned with the UAE’s vision, our strategies now prioritize equipping government entities with robust and reliable networks. We are dedicated to facilitating their digital transformation through cutting-edge technologies such as cloud migration, AI, IoT, Blockchain, data centres, and 5G. By enabling these advancements, we aim to enhance the productivity and efficiency of government operations, ultimately contributing to the overall progress of the region.

Furthermore, our regional strategies embrace sustainability initiatives that offer profound environmental and societal impact. For example, we have introduced solar-powered mobile towers that not only ensure seamless connectivity but also have the ability to contribute excess energy back to the grid. Additionally, we have developed connected recycling solutions that optimize and streamline recycling processes, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Balancing the UAE’s vision with our steadfast dedication to our customers, our strategies place their needs and demands at the forefront. As we implement new plans, we ensure that customer satisfaction remains a top priority. We believe that by understanding their requirements and keeping them happy and satisfied, we foster strong and lasting relationships that drive mutual success.

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