Enterprise WLAN Infrastructure Revenues Will Reach $14.5 Billion by 2028


The Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) market is growing in complexity with the new Wi-Fi standards, 6 GHz spectrum availability, IoT connectivity integration, disruptive business models, and value-added services. Furthermore, the evolution of cellular and WLAN technologies is pushing the enterprise to consider deploying heterogeneous Wi-Fi/5G networks to optimize performance, cost, and reliability and enable new IT and OT use cases fundamental to enterprise digital transformation.

These market dynamics and innovative technologies will drive enterprise WLAN infrastructure revenues to $14.5 billion by 2028. To provide industry players, innovators, and suppliers with actionable research, data-driven insight, and strategic guidance through these complexities, global technology intelligence firm ABI Research has launched a new research service, Wi-Fi and Wireless LAN Technologies and Markets.

“The growing complexity of the WLAN market is causing confusion and uncertainty within the industry but also leading to new opportunities. ABI Research’s new Wi-Fi and Wireless LAN Technologies and Markets research service provides holistic coverage of enabling technologies, emerging use cases and services, business model innovation, and the competitive landscape impacting the residential, enterprise, and industrial wireless networking infrastructure markets,” states Andrew Zignani, Research Director at ABI Research.

Key focus areas include WLAN technology evolution via new wireless standards, chipset, and RF front-end innovation, and value-added services such as Wi-Fi sensing, security, and network management. In addition, the service will cover the market drivers, vertical level dynamics, competitive landscape, and business model innovation at a global and regional level. The path to Wi-Fi and 5G convergence will be of key importance alongside differentiation via specialized and proprietary WLAN enhancements beyond the radio level.

“The Wi-Fi and Wireless LAN Technologies and Markets research service will provide complete coverage of the growing complexity of the WLAN market, including technology innovation, new IT and OT market opportunities, 5G competition, collaboration and convergence, and new services and business model innovation. The actionable insights and strategic guidance provided will support the industry to take advantage of the opportunities presented and move quickly to respond to emerging trends and technologies,” says Andrew Spivey, Industry Analyst at ABI Research.

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