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FTTO Can Facilitate the Seamless Implementation of Digital Transformation Strategies


Arafat Yousef, the MEA Managing Director at Aginode, says the company is in the process of recalibrating, fine-tuning, and optimising its partnerships

Tell us about the rebranding of Nexans to Aginode.
Absolutely! Over the past few years, Nexans Telecom and Data has been gearing up for a major revamp in its telecom system unit. The decision to rebrand was set in motion nearly two years ago, and now, we’ve transitioned into the exciting reality of being officially known as Aginode in the market.

Aginode is set to become the flagship telecom system under the Nexans umbrella. We’ve made it clear to the market that while the name has changed, the essence remains the same. We operate from the same factories, house the same plants, and leverage the groundbreaking technology that has been our hallmark.

Transitioning from a name as established as Nexans to Aginode naturally poses its challenges. For more than two decades, people have associated our telecom systems with the Nexans brand. Shifting mindsets and getting the market to embrace Aginode as the new standard has been a journey, but one filled with promising signs.

Having spent over 30 years in this industry, I can attest that this shift is akin to a refreshment for Nexans Telecom and Data, both in terms of brand and technology. The market has shown a tremendous level of acceptance, and I’m excited about the positive changes Aginode brings to the table. It’s a new chapter, and we’re ready to make waves in the industry.

With the rebranding, have you made any changes to your partner program?
When it comes to programs, especially in the area of loyalty for our valued partners, we’ve got something truly special up our sleeves. Picture this: in just a few short weeks, we’re set to unveil a meticulously crafted initiative, a loyalty program designed exclusively for our partners.

As we step into 2024, Aginode is rolling out a game-changing loyalty program. This initiative marks a significant change from what we’ve done in previous years. This program is the missing piece that will tie our partners even closer to the Aginode family.

We’re not just talking about any loyalty program; we’re talking about one that sets the stage for a whole new era. The kind that wasn’t on the scene in the past but is now about to make waves. We’re all set to implement and roll out this loyalty program that’s bound to create a league of steadfast partners – the ones proudly carrying the Aginod flag in the market.

In terms of your go-to-market strategy in the region especially, how has this changed over the past couple of years?
Truth be told, when it comes to our regional strategies, we’re taking a comprehensive look at our partners in the region. We’re in the process of recalibrating, fine-tuning, and optimising our partnerships. This involves not only revisiting existing partnerships but also introducing new dynamics. We’re expanding our reach by bringing in fresh distributors to the region. Moreover, we’re certifying new partners, and welcoming them into the Aginode family. Being part of our Aginode family means more than just affiliation; it means eligibility for our impressive 25-year warranty.

What technology and market trends do you foresee for 2024?
Currently, our technological focus is strongly oriented towards green and sustainable technologies. We’re confident that our portfolio aligns seamlessly with this ethos. One standout solution in this domain is FTTO (Fiber to the Office), a technology featuring micro switches that are a perfect match for green and sustainable environments.

Our ongoing efforts involve collaborating with clients in the region and advocating for the adoption of FTTO solutions. This includes replacing legacy structural cabling, eliminating copper cables from buildings, and implementing a micro switch-based infrastructure supported by full fibre technology.

Now, considering the challenges companies face in their digital transformation journey, we understand the intricacies. Aginode is actively playing a role in overcoming these hurdles. In terms of digital transformation, we will offer products that precisely cater to the evolving landscape.

FTTO, being a part of this initiative, is well-suited for digital transformation, particularly concerning IoT and machine-to-machine communication. We firmly believe that FTTO serves as both an active and passive solution, laying the foundation for smart infrastructure and facilitating the seamless implementation of digital transformation strategies.

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