G42 Cloud Collaborates with VAST Data to Transform AI Computing Landscape


G42 Cloud and VAST Data have embarked on a strategic partnership aimed at reshaping the landscape of data-intensive AI computing. This ambitious collaboration sees G42 Cloud adopting the VAST Data Platform as the cornerstone of a global network of AI supercomputers, enabling the storage and analysis of vast quantities of data amounting to hundreds of petabytes.

Positioned as a driving force in the realm of high-performance computing, G42 Cloud is spearheading transformative advancements within the UAE and beyond. With a focus on harnessing the capabilities of AI, G42 Cloud is propelling the development of a potent AI-optimized cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure aims to equip organizations with enhanced intuition, agility, and effectiveness in tackling real-world challenges.

The partnership between G42 Cloud and VAST Data underlines the magnitude and potential of VAST Data’s innovative approach to constructing distributed data systems for enterprises and AI service providers. In this collaboration, the VAST Data Platform takes center stage as a secure, multi-tenant data foundation. Its capacity and performance scalability power a multi-architecture high-performance computing system, including the monumental Condor Galaxy—the world’s largest AI supercomputer. Remarkably, a single VAST Data cluster is set to bolster multiple ExaFLOPs of AI supercomputing capabilities within one of the globe’s largest AI clouds.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with VAST Data,” said Talal M. Al Kaissi, G42 Cloud’s CEO. “VAST’s unique approach to consolidating and scaling data infrastructure aligns perfectly with our vision for eliminating the barriers to AI-based discovery.  As the region’s technology landscape evolves, through our collaboration with VAST, G42 Cloud will enhance the AI research capabilities of organizations working across healthcare, energy, financial services, and beyond, resulting in a tangible positive impact for the community.”

G42 Cloud’s choice to collaborate with VAST Data hinged on the platform’s simplicity, scalability, resilience, and overall cost-effectiveness. Rooted in VAST’s Disaggregated Shared-Everything Architecture (DASE), the platform equips G42 Cloud with the scalability required for exascale AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC). It offers a global namespace and essential multi-tenancy features, vital for zero-trust cloud environments.

“The collaboration between VAST Data and G42 Cloud will set a standard of excellence as we work to shape the future of AI computing,” said Renen Hallak, CEO of VAST Data. “Data is at the center of G42 Cloud’s computing mission, and VAST is honored to help build the systems that will unlock value from large reserves of data to help solve grand challenges across several computing disciplines.”

“In alignment with the UAE’s visionary AI strategy for 2031, our collaboration with G42 Cloud marks a pivotal moment in driving a transformative shift in AI computing,” added Haider Aziz, Managing Director, META at VAST Data. “VAST Data is committed to reshaping data systems, offering a highly performant and scalable platform that fuels data-driven breakthroughs. Together with G42 Cloud, we’re empowering organizations to harness the full potential of data by catalyzing innovation to drive new insights that can have a profound global impact.”

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