GameSir Intros X3 Type-C Cooled Mobile Gaming Controller in the Middle East


GameSir has announced the launch of its X3 Type-C cooled mobile gaming controller in the Middle East. A wired controller and phone cooler in one, GameSir’s newest generation of controllers provides avid gamers with a host of benefits simultaneously, delivering a console-like mobile gaming experience while serving as a perfect solution to the traditional long-standing issue of phone overheating during gameplay.

Designed for pro-level gaming, the Alps 3D joystick and analog thumbsticks allow for smooth and precise 360° control, and the controller’s bumpers, triggers, ABXY buttons, and D-pad are all accompanied by Kailh switches, ensuring users enjoy crisp tactile feedback. There are also more ways for gamers to customize the X3 Type-C and make this brand-new peripheral their own, with various interchangeable parts including D-pad, thumbsticks, and thumbstick caps forming the perfect package for sending users to the next-gen mobile gaming ecosystem. Furthermore, the X3 Type-C efficiently cools down gamers’ phones once plugged in thanks to superior airflow made possible by a 4000 mm² cooling area and 7-blade fan.

As a two-in-one controller, a console-style control experience is assured without thermal throttling and lagging during GPU-demanding games, with the controller’s powerful engineered system capable of delivering a 24°C drop on the phone’s skin temperature, due in part to 128 heat transfer columns that quickly absorb heat from the Peltier module. And once the cooler is plugged in, the back cooling fan works with a simultaneous dynamic RGB backlight, just like an RGB gaming monitor.

Gamers can also play all controller-supported Android games. Clumsy, cumbersome swipe controls have never been convenient for mobile games and now, such experiences are completely avoidable with the X3 Type-C, which can be plugged into phones and be used to play games of all kinds without touchscreen controls.

Type-C directly connects to your Android phone through the Type-C port, allowing the extra fast response of your on-screen character once buttons are pressed – with zero input delay. Because of no wireless signal delay, it helps users keep any possible edge over the competition using almost every Android phone with between 110-179mm length.

While the X3 Type-C boasts almost endless features, those enabling pro gaming rank among the most impressive. The controller’s Kailh switches enable up to 3 million clicks and, with a reduced actuation distance of 0.6 mm only, around 40% less than the normal membrane controller, the buttons can be clicked and instantly triggered to achieve fast response and agile movement as a professional.

With no built-in battery design and weighing only 270 g (0.6 lbs), the X3 Type-C is more eco-friendly and travel-friendly for on-the-go gaming. Despite having no battery and being powered by your phone, X3 Type-C has ultra-low power consumption at 2mAh only for long-time gaming. Calculated by a mobile phone battery of 3000 mAh, X3 Type-C consumes only six ten-thousandths of its power per hour. Meanwhile, the cooler is powered by an external power source, without consuming your phone’s battery.

Cloud gaming compatible, the X3 Type-C also supports almost all popular cloud gaming and remote play services, from Xbox Game Pass and Amazon Luna to NVIDIA GeForce Now, Steam Link, and Rainway.

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