Genesis Shows Off X Concept Trilogy in the UAE


Genesis has revealed the X Concept Trilogy for the first time. The company revealed all three concepts, including the Genesis X Concept, the Genesis X Speedium Coupe, and the Genesis X Convertible.  Kickstarting the line-up in the brand’s journey was Omar Al-Zubaidi, Head of Genesis Middle East & Africa, followed by a talk session on the trilogy design and brand vision for Genesis led by Graeme Russell, Genesis Chief Brand Officer, and Luc Donckerwolke, Group Chief Creative Officer.

Speaking on the success of the event, Omar Al-Zubaidi said, “We have had immense pride and joy in hosting the world’s first showcase of the Genesis X Concept Trilogy. These experimental models are strong and powerful symbols of the importance of design for the brand. We would like to thank our partners and VIP guests for their continued support of the brand and are looking forward to many more successful milestones for Genesis throughout the region.”

The X Concept Trilogy is a representation of Genesis’ capabilities to design and develop cars without being bound by typology. The ‘X’ is symbolic of a “hidden hero” and also stands for explorations of various design potentials of the brand. “The X concept cars are beaming the Brand into the future and demonstrating that the new EV Genesis portfolio will be elegant, thrilling, and desirable,” said Luc Donckerwolke.

The first in the series was the Genesis X Concept, which made its debut in Los Angeles in March of 2021. The EV-based Gran Turismo concept car employed Genesis’ Athletic Elegance design language to exemplify the brand’s vision of sustainable luxury. The second addition to the series is the Genesis X Speedium Coupe.

This concept displayed the brand’s signature design language in an even more progressive way. Inspired by the passion for motorsports, this model focuses on the emotional value of driving in the era of electrification. This concept is also known for the evolution of the Genesis Crest Grille to signify its electric powertrain.

The X Convertible is the third concept in the trilogy, taking the X Speedium Coupe concept further up the emotional scale. The X Convertible offers freedom of expression and a heightened sensory experience thanks to the open roof, which allows a direct connection with the surrounding environment.

“Our pursuit of electrification revolves around our commitment to exploring new paths. And we aim to pave the way by becoming a zero-emission vehicle brand by 2030, and to pursue carbon-net-zero status by 2035,” said Graeme Russell.

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