Google Releases One Last Game Before Stadia Shutdown


As Google Stadia prepares to officially shut down on January 18, the team behind the video game streaming service has released the final title for the platform, Worm Game. This game was used as a test for many of Stadia’s features before it launched, and it can now be played by anyone with a Google Chrome browser.

The game, which is inspired by the classic game Snake, features multiple levels, the ability to change the color of the worm, and four modes: Campaign, Arcade, Multiplayer, and Build.

However, it’s important to note that in order to play Worm Game, it must be done before January 18 as it will no longer be available once Stadia is officially shut down.

The Stadia Platform Content team is giving players a rare glimpse behind the curtain of game development by releasing Worm Game, the final title for the soon-to-be-shutdown Google Stadia. The game was used to test many of Stadia’s features before its public launch in 2019, and the team encourages players to try it out before the platform shuts down.

The team wrote, “Play the game that came to Stadia before Stadia came to the world,” The Stadia Platform Content team wrote. “‘Worm Game’ is a humble title we used to test many of Stadia’s features, starting well before our 2019 public launch, right through 2022. It won’t win Game of the Year, but the Stadia team spent a LOT of time playing it, and we thought we’d share it with you. Thanks for playing, and for everything.”

In addition, the Stadia team also has one more surprise in store for those who invested in the platform, they will be releasing a “self-serve tool to enable Bluetooth connections on your Stadia Controller” next week, but the details on how it will work will come “on release.”

Google Stadia launched in 2019 as a cloud gaming service that allowed users to stream video games, including AAA titles, to devices with Google Chrome, regardless of the device’s power as everything is run on Google’s cloud service.

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