InoGates to Present HarfangLab at the GISEC 2023


Marc Kassis, the Founder and General Manager at InoGates FZCO, speaks about his company’s participation at GISEC 2023

Tell us about the cybersecurity trends for 2023.
InoGates consultants are monitoring the threat level for several years and have noticed a permanent increase. With the political situation in Europe, such a curve is not going to reverse. With almost 20% of Cyber Security worldwide market growth in less than a decade and 50% of Endpoints not protected, we decided to select HarfangLab and promote it in the MEA region.

A major consequence in 2023 is the lack of skills. More than ever, there is a need to develop cyber talents to meet the needs of companies and government organizations. Faced with this requirement, there are two options for solution providers. Either take advantage of the opportunity to sequester their customers by providing a complete solution management package. Or to consider that each company is the most capable of identifying the cyber strategy best suited to its challenges, context, and resources and work to promote the development of talents.

What is the theme of your participation at GISEC 2023?
We have been interested at InoGates in discussing with HarfangLab about their international expansion outside Europe. The MEA region was one of the 3 selected geographies for its great growth potential. HarfangLab is a great alternative to other solutions and is very well adapted to regional security challenges. Let CISOs own their strategic Cyber Security roadmap with a very effective EDR.

Which products and solutions will you be showcasing at GISEC 2023?
We will be showcasing HarfangLab, an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) software that detects, neutralises, and remediates cybersecurity threats. Certified by ANSSI, the French national cybersecurity agency, and used in almost all of Europe. The solution is designed to be available both on-premises and on the cloud (SaaS mode). We are participating in GISEC 2023 to demonstrate how the EDR from HarfangLab is able to respect the countries’ data privacy acts as well as the ability to be included in a complete Cyber Security XDR offering thanks to its simple use and openness.

How are you equipped to help companies overcome digital security and privacy challenges?
HarfangLab EDR has high capacities for detection and response to incidents, notably via AI and its numerous automation.
We aim to help SOC analysts to better understand security events through our transparency. Unlike our competitors, all the detection rules are visible.

Add to that, the openness and the numerous connectors of our solution make the integration and interoperability with other solutions easier. Being a European company, we are very used to GDPR and all privacy considerations. when offering an EDR service to our client, we, therefore, think that the MEA region is also sensitive to such important topics. Being a 100% indirect selling model, we build partnerships and accompany our business partners in training and skills augmentation through our learning program.

Is there a skills gap in the cybersecurity industry? What needs to be done in order to bridge that gap?
There is a skills shortage in Cyber Security. At InoGates and HarfangLab, we believe that the role of the software providers goes beyond offering software. Our duty is to ensure that the onboarding of the stakeholders contributes to the overall increase of skills/knowledge on cyber subjects.

Many new solutions are becoming very sophisticated, there will be a need for higher skills. But where to locate these resources? The cyber security market needs to rely more on service providers. This will allow skills development. Naturally, we think that the next generation of cyber protection is going to be serviced with highly developed Service Level Agreements coming from the MSSPs.

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