Jacky’s Business Solutions, a B2B solutions provider for robotics, is now offering its Temi and Double 3 robots to consumers through Jacky’s Electronics both at its retail stores and online. The two robots will also be shortly available on several online marketplaces in the region.

Jacky’s Business Solutions became the official distributor and the service center for the Temi Robot for the UAE and the GCC in October 2020. Temi Robot is an affordable, ideal companion using groundbreaking AI technologies and built-in powerful features such as VOIP calls, telepresence, navigation, built-in chatbot Alexa, among others. Developed on the Android platform, it is customizable with applications using the SDK kits. Once fully charged, the robot can work nonstop for up to 8 hours.

While Temi can be used for either personal or business use, some of the most popular uses include distance learning and helping students learn to code, work from home virtual video calls for business, telepresence in the healthcare industry, concierge in hospitality, a sales associate in retail, temperature measurements, Covid awareness, among others.

With the availability of Android SDK, programmers can build custom applications based on the customer’s needs. In the case of large volumes, custom branding can be done so that the unit looks like part of the organization. The product comes in two distinctive colors such as “Black” and “White” to choose from.

Double 3, the newest telepresence robot from Double Robotics and also a recent addition to Jacky’s portfolio, is aimed at increasing the productivity of remote workers and distance learners with self-driving and a completely new mixed-reality driver’s interface.

The new Double hardware comes as a fully integrated solution with a built-in tablet that uses the latest GPU technology in the Nvidia Jetson TX2, two Intel RealSense depth sensors, two high-resolution cameras, and a beam-forming microphone array. The new hardware is combined with a new click-to-drive interface, obstacle avoidance, and pan/tilt/zoom video, to provide a fully-immersive remote experience to seasoned users as well as complete beginners.

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