Jacky’s Business Solutions to Show Off Samsung Enterprise Mobile Solutions at GITEX 2023


Jacky’s Business Solutions will be taking centre stage at GITEX 2023, showcasing an expansive range of Samsung’s enterprise mobile solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality, government, healthcare, education, logistics, and retail sectors. As an expansion of its partnership with Samsung, Jacky’s Business Solution will display the latest high-quality Samsung devices and Knox security platforms including Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Enterprise Edition, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 and 4 Pro, Samsung Galaxy X-Cover 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series and Samsung Knox.

Ashish Panjabi, COO at Jacky’s Business Solutions, noted that Samsung tablets and smartphones are increasingly being used by most organizations as they digitize their processes and look to provide better service to their customers. As businesses continue to expand the use of mobile devices, many are now evaluating the products being used as issues of security and ruggedness gain importance.

This is highlighted by the recent strategic partnership with Samsung Gulf Electronics appointing Jacky’s Business Solutions as its first Managed Services Provider (MSP) for the Mobile Enterprise Business in the UAE. Jacky’s will also demonstrate a range of cloud solutions, introducing a game-changing approach to enterprise mobile device management, through its unified platform, the Knox MSP Portal. As an authorized MSP partner, Jacky’s Business Solutions will leverage its access to this powerful platform, and its enhanced service portfolio with advanced management capabilities for Samsung devices and Knox solutions.

Panjabi commented on Jacky’s commitment to arming industries with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, “This participation underscores our enduring need to help our customers lead in their respective domains. The new solutions fit in with the increasing demand for flexibility and mobility and the range of products on show is meant to show enterprises how they can drive operational efficiency, elevate user experience, and ensure top-tier service quality in pivotal sectors like hospitality, government, healthcare, education, logistics, and retail.”

In addition to showcasing Samsung’s enterprise solutions, Jacky’s Business Solutions will also spotlight a comprehensive suite of compatible products.

  • Grabba: A cutting-edge data capture accessory designed to optimize and streamline mobile operations, this works as a mobile KYC and POS solution across varied industries like banks, telcos, and various government departments.
  • GCX and Ram Mount Mounting Solutions: Renowned for their optimal device placement and user comfort, Jacky’s will showcase their range of tablet and smartphone mounting solutions popular in segments like healthcare, logistics, etc.
  • Knox: Samsung’s premier security platform that promises unparalleled protection, ensuring that enterprise data remains safeguarded. It is an MDM solution and allows enterprise-level mobile device deployment.

Panjabi added that their presence at GITEX 2023 is a testament to their enduring pledge to introduce revolutionary solutions that shape industry standards.

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