Konica Minolta has forayed into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Softomotive. Introducing RPA solutions is the next step in the company’s mission of becoming an end-to-end digital solutions provider.  

Konica Minolta has continued to assist many organizations in the Middle East through their partners, transforming their paper business processes towards a digital solution. However, for customers who wish to distinguish themselves in their particular market, automation is no longer an option. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables enterprises to automate their repetitive tasks, common data entries, verifications and report generation, thereby realigning their employees to be utilised for more critical tasks.

Once an RPA is implemented, it significantly improves cost efficiency, productivity, accuracy and most importantly it can work twenty-four seven. RPA enables improved quality consistency of data that can result in better analytics, insights and increased revenue. It eliminates redundant processes of manually entering data repeatedly into digital information systems or files, it is capable of verifying data across multiple systems or files and has the ability to generate reports from multiple sources.

Automating these crucial steps results in higher efficiency, improved accuracy, higher cost savings, improved productivity, greater ability, and less human intervention. Globally, the adoption of RPA systems is on the rise as spending on RPA is steadily increasing across the world. As per the Gartner report on CIO’s technology spending intentions, automation will receive a significant increase in funding in the coming years in the region. With this automation software offered by Konica Minolta, it allows the end-user to benefit greatly as the software can be integrated with any number of systems. The software is scalable to adapt to changes in the workload and offers great agility in terms of adapting to new processes and changes in the organisation.

“We are delighted to have signed the partnership agreement between Konica Minolta and Softomotive. It is a perfect collaboration and synergy between the two organizations, to implement the technology by understanding the customers’ business through consultation. Konica Minolta’s differentiation in the market is our professional services offering, delivering expertise in all aspects of transformation,” said Larry Leow, Professional Services Group Manager, Konica Minolta.

Adoption of Automation in the Middle East region is growing rapidly according to a report by Forrester. Over the past year, the adoption of RPA systems has risen to 3 % in the region while North America and Europe are leaders in adopting automation with over 30%.

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