Kyndryl Announces Cybersecurity Incident Response and Forensics Service


Kyndryl has unveiled a Cybersecurity Incident Response and Forensics (CSIRF) service to help customers proactively prepare for and respond to threats by applying the latest threat intelligence and experience from Kyndryl’s deep domain security experts. The new service helps customers investigate and respond to a detected security incident by leveraging capabilities such as incident triage, incident response, threat intelligence, compliance monitoring, and management. Customers may also select proactive services that may significantly reduce the time to respond to an incident.

Kyndryl’s CSIRF service provides an integrated and seamless incident response (IR) support, forensics, and recovery capability to help customers analyze, identify, compare, and understand the evidence and causes of a cyber incident. In the event of an occurrence, such as ransomware, Kyndryl’s CSIRF experts provide on-demand, hands-on support to assist in resolving threats to a customer’s business.

“Cyber resilience is the ability to anticipate, protect against, withstand, and recover from adverse conditions, stresses, attacks, and compromises of cyber-enabled business. CSIRF discovers and responds to detected security incidents and provides advanced threat detection response and forensics,” said Kris Lovejoy, Kyndryl Security, and Resiliency Global Practice Leader. “Kyndryl’s CSIRF is intended to shift the cybersecurity field, from simple security to one of cyber resilience.”

The new CSIRF service complements Kyndryl’s Recovery Retainer Service, which is designed to help customers recover and rebuild their environments after catastrophic events. When coupled with the Recovery Retainer Service, CSIRF provides on-demand availability of qualified experts that can effectively help customers recover from and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks. As a result, customers can:

  • Have access to cyber recovery experts with response time SLAs
  • Reduce the incident window, severity, and impact
  • Reduce mean time to recover (MTTR)
  • Maintain trust with internal stakeholders, customers, and regulatory authorities

Kyndryl’s CSIRF experts provide investigative, forensic, and incident response services that can help suppress an immediate threat, determine the root cause of an attack, identify the scope of exposure, and set the stage for a recovery. Kyndryl’s approach to enabling resiliency and recovery is founded on an approach that involves consistent touchpoints with customers, to maintain an interactive relationship with Kyndryl throughout the term of the service. This technique benefits both the customers and Kyndryl as it allows frequent and productive opportunities to discuss, address and adjust how to improve and enhance the customers’ cyber resilience plan and posture.

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