NIA and GREE Launch Solar-Powered VRF System


At COP28 in Dubai, GREE, the world’s leading HVAC manufacturer, launched its Solar VRF air conditioning system. Operating entirely on solar power, this launch not only marks a milestone in the HVAC industry but also underscores GREE’s commitment to sustainable solutions aligning with COP28’s environmental goals. GREE introduces a solar PV-enabled HVAC line, covering decorative units, ducted split, VRF systems, and centrifugal chillers, revolutionizing the sector to combat climate change.

The Solar VRF system, garnering numerous awards, including the China Patent Gold Award and the GENEVE International Invention Gold Medal, stands as a technological marvel in sustainability and green energy. Boasting GREE’s sixth HVAC system iteration, Solar VRF stands out for its direct harnessing of solar energy, eliminating the need for additional components like solar inverters.

With an impressive 99% power efficiency, GREE Solar VRF minimizes its carbon footprint and offers up to 20% installation cost savings compared to traditional solutions. Its integrated design suits various settings, featuring 15 categories for diverse needs in both commercial and residential spaces.

Beyond power efficiency, Solar VRF showcases advanced monitoring and control technologies. The GREE Energy Information Management System (G-IEMS) enables real-time energy flow monitoring through a smartphone application. The system also incorporates G-AI, GREE’s self-developed artificial intelligence algorithm, combining “reinforced learning” and “expert system theory” for adaptive and efficient operation, dynamically adjusting energy-saving control settings.

Jones Wu, General Manager at GREE Middle East, commented on this magnificent launch, saying, “As the world’s leading high-tech HVAC solutions provider, GREE is contributing to carbon neutrality throughout the entire lifecycle process of its HVAC products. We follow a comprehensive approach to reducing carbon footprints, which consists of 5 main steps: Green Raw Materials, Green Designs, Green Manufacturing, Green Consumption, and Green Recycling.”

In regions like the UAE, where air conditioning is a constant necessity, GREE’s Solar VRF emerges as a game-changer. Capitalizing on abundant sunlight, these AC units utilise the extended summers, offering zero carbon emissions, zero electricity bills, and zero wasted energy. Its sustainable features, impressive power efficiency, and cost-effective installation make this AC system an appealing solution for both commercial and residential settings.

Imad Hseino, Head of the HVAC team at Nia UAE expressed his enthusiasm about GREE’s unveiling of the Solar VRF system at COP28, “As the world grapples with the urgent need for climate action, GREE’s revolutionary product launch serves as a beacon of hope, offering a tangible solution for reducing carbon emissions in the HVAC sector. With the GREE Solar VRF, the future of air conditioning is not just cool—it’s sustainably bright.”

NIA Limited, GREE’s business partner, is bringing the GREE Solar VRF to the UAE with a mission to strengthen its role in social responsibility as a catalyst for positive change in the country’s sustainable development plans. The introduction of this solar-powered system aligns perfectly with the goals of COP28, highlighting NIA’s commitment to promoting the adoption of environmentally conscious technologies in the region.

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