Many organizations across the Middle East are dealing with the reality of needing to set up all their employees to work remotely, while still maintaining access to the same tools and applications they require to be productive. To help organisations deal with this challenge, today Nutanix announced a new offer called FastTrack for VDI to support companies anywhere in the world quickly deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. Setting up and provisioning desktops, something that used to take weeks, will now be done in record time.

Additional details include:

  • Nutanix FastTrack for VDI allows organizations to onboard thousands of remote employees in record time. The offer includes services to set up and provision of desktops in under 5 business days for predefined Nutanix configurations. It will help enterprises provide secure, seamless access to business apps and desktops employees want while maintaining the security and control businesses need.
  • The simplicity and flexibility of the Nutanix infrastructure makes deployment easier, enabling the company to expedite delivery service.

Paulo Pereira, Director, Systems Engineering – Emerging Markets and Eastern Europe at Nutanix says, “Although the concept of a mobile workforce has been around for a while, regional enterprises are still not fully equipped with the technology, tools and processes to enable remote working. The current Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has disrupted businesses. Many of them are struggling to put the right technologies in place to maintain productivity and business continuity at a time when an increasing number of employees are working from home.”

“Nutanix recognizes these challenges and in response has introduced the new ‘FastTrack for VDI’ offer. Deployment of VDI infrastructure to support remote working can now be done in record time. The solution can scale from hundreds to thousands of users and can reduce downtime by up to 85% and TCO by up to 62%. We see this Nutanix offering as highly beneficial to companies that recognize that remote working can no longer be ignored – not just because of the current crisis but also because technology workers are going to increasingly demand workplace flexibility in future.”

Nutanix FastTrack for VDI is available to new and existing customers globally now.

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