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Obvious Technologies Shares the Top 3 Trends to Expect in 2023


As the technology industry continues to grow its significance and dominance across the globe, an increasing number of companies are inclined to adopt digital transformation. The past year has witnessed massive growth in the landscape of technology in every aspect, and this will undoubtedly continue to flourish.

Obvious Technologies has stressed addressing technology’s power within public safety & security. The company has highlighted and demonstrated ways to leverage technological tools such as 3D Data Visualisation, Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more. “The UAE is a giant playground for innovation with an extremely high appetite for data and solutions within the public and private sectors. As the amount of data in the world increases, it will become physically impossible to keep track of everything manually. This is where using technologies such as AI and Digital twins will become a compulsion,” said Naoufal el Ouali, Co-Founder and CEO at Obvious Technologies.

As the market grows in 2023, businesses must align their strategies with new technology trends to maintain relevance and competitiveness in their respective sectors. Within the security space, organisations ought to expect the following trends:

TREND 1: The Development of Augmented and Virtual Reality
AR and VR will continue to expand as they provide unique capabilities enabling users to gain a cognitive aspect of the environment. People are looking for faster methods of extracting and understanding information, which is where these technological tools come in.

One area to look out for is the metaverse — in 2023, there will be more immersive meeting environments where users can talk, brainstorm, and co-create. Metaverse technologies like AR and VR are being used for training and onboarding. Virtual Reality allows users to interact with the virtual environment, use their sensors, and see the city in a 3D holographic sense.

TREND 2: Digital Twins
Digital Twins are a virtual simulation of real-world processes, which people can use to simulate, plan or manage all the data and see the “what ifs” In a safe digital environment building a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. With all the amount of data for users to organise, the 3D digital twins enable rapid decision-making by allowing users to understand past data for training purposes.

These can be used for airports, cities, public transportation, and more. If decision-makers were looking to optimise their operations and quality of service in a specific area, 3D digital twins fed with planning and real-time applications’ data would help analyse and understand how to organise assets and resources more efficiently to achieve the global target and related KPIs. To put it in perspective, Digital twins would work like the game SimCity.

Digital Twins can assist users with limitless parameters, provided the users know what they’re looking for. “At Obvious Technologies, we plan on using our 3D Data visualisation capabilities to highlight our security assets, alarms, and resources, along with IoT sensors and points of interest, with any necessary notes or social media mentions. The digital twins will help generate valuable information, such as upcoming events, the number of people in a building, etc., worth visualising and sharing among key stakeholders,” said el Ouali.

TREND 3: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
In 2023, AI will be everywhere, and the technologies have never been so powerful and explicit about delivering numerous scenarios and using cases. AI enables users to gather and analyse large amounts of data faster. The challenge is not only to generate AI-enabled data but to index, correlate and display consolidated information at the right time and to the right person. AI provides smarter analytics and faster decision support tools to operators.

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