Review: Amazon Kindle 11th Gen (2022)


The new 11th Generation of the Amazon Kindle Basic e-Reader has undergone significant revisions from its predecessors. Notably, it now boasts a new 300-PPI display, a major improvement from the previous model’s 167-DPI. The new e-reader also includes a USB-C port for charging and data transfer, as well as 16GB of storage to store all your e-books, audiobooks, comics, and manga.

You also get an all-new system-wide dark mode, in which the colours are inverted, with the background black, and the text being white. This offers better contrast for reading in low-light conditions. Amazon made a wise choice by not increasing the screen size on the entry-level Kindle, which was different from the previous Paperwhite upgrade.

This decision is great because it maintains a smaller and lighter form factor for the basic version. As a result, it is easy to hold in one hand and weighs only 158 grams, making it lightweight and comfortable to use.

The 2022 Amazon Kindle has a compact form factor of 6.2-by-4.3-by-0.32 inches and features a six-inch display, weighing just 159 grams. The device’s bottom display bezel is designed to allow a thumb to rest on it, preventing accidental screen taps while reading.

The 2022 Kindle, being an e-reader, offers a significant advantage over devices such as tablets or laptops. E-Ink displays consume minimal power. So, even with frequent page turns and maximum display lighting, you can expect to go several weeks without needing to recharge the device.

Amazon Kindle 10th Gen (left) and 11th Gen (right)

In terms of design, materials, and styling, the 2022 Kindle remains an entry-level device, which means that it is quite basic. The device features a plastic body with black or blue denim options, lacking the soft silicone texture found on the Paperwhite. Our review unit was the black variant. In addition, the device is not waterproof, which means it cannot be used near water.

Amazon Kindle 10th Gen (left) and 11th Gen (right)

The 2022 Kindle comes packed with a 1 GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. It has a USB-C cable for charging the battery via a wall outlet or computer. In addition, users can sideload their own digital books using Windows Explorer or a third-party application such as Calibre.

Amazon Kindle 10th Gen (top) and 11th Gen (bottom)

The new Kindle also features a new home screen experience, which may take some time to get used to. Unlike previous versions where the home screen primarily consisted of the user’s library, the new design has removed the navigation bar.

This means that icons with text underneath that provided access to services such as the Store, Home, Library, Goodreads, and settings are no longer present. Instead, there is a large search bar at the top of the screen, with the store icon located next to it. Goodreads and other functionality have been relocated to the settings menu.

As mentioned earlier, Amazon has moved away from the lower resolution 167 pixel-per-inch E-Ink screen that was on the previous model, and upgraded it to 300 pixels-per-inch. This has resulted in much crisper text, with finer lines and smoother curves, providing a reading experience that is almost as good as ink on paper.


Unlike other e-readers that compromise legibility when using smaller font sizes, the 2022 Kindle offersa no-compromise reading surface. In addition, the device offers nine font families to choose from, such as Bookerly, Helvetica, Baskerville, Futura, and OpenDyslexic, which is designed for people with dyslexia.

You can also adjust the font size with 14 different degrees, as well as the boldness, line spacing, text alignment, margins, and whether to read in portrait or landscape mode. I am surprised by the level of customisability offered on the 2022 Amazon Kindle.

The Kindle Store is possibly one of the best digital bookstores globally. It offers a vast collection of titles, from the latest bestsellers and timeless classics to comics, magazines, manga, and newspapers. You can easily search or browse titles and even download free samples to your library. Additionally, the book description pages are similar to those on the Amazon website, complete with user reviews and a “buy now” button.

The device offers an easy-to-use interface that enables swift navigation to your library or Home Screen. The device can also stack books from the same series to provide better organisation.

Moreover, it comes with useful features such as the ability to highlight sections of texts and save words to a personal dictionary, allowing you to easily access definitions or translations of specific words and phrases. Additionally, you can save quotes you like for future reference.

For a price of AED 399, the Amazon Kindle 11th Generation comes across as a great value-for-money device. Amazon has successfully addressed the drawbacks of the basic Kindle while also introducing additional features that enhance the reading experience beyond the Amazon ecosystem. If you aren’t looking for a waterproof e-reader or a larger screen, the entry-level model offers great value for its price.

Price: AED 399


Amazon Kindle 11th Gen (2022)


Unlike other e-readers that compromise legibility when using smaller font sizes, the 2022 Kindle offers a no-compromise reading surface. In addition, the device offers nine font families to choose from, such as Bookerly, Helvetica, Baskerville, Futura, and OpenDyslexic, which is designed for people with dyslexia.

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