Review: Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W)


Anker’s new Nano II 100W charger uses the company’s very own GaN (Gallium Nitride) II technology. The charger is also being touted to be 34% (!!) smaller than Apple’s 96-watt charger while offering the convenience of three USB ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

On the rear, the charger features two USB-C ports and one USB-A port and is capable of intelligently distributing power among the ports based on usage. This is done by using Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 technology, which is the company’s proprietary fast-charging technology that intelligently identifies your device to deliver the fastest possible charge.

When either of the USB-C ports is used alone, it can deliver a full 100 watts of power, making it capable of charging most notebooks out there on the market that use the USB-C port for power delivery and charging.

The Anker 736 charger has a three-port setup, providing a variety of charging options depending on which ports are used. When both USB-C ports are used together, the top port will deliver 60 watts and the bottom port will deliver 40 watts.

By using the top USB-C port in combination with the USB-A port, the charger will deliver 80 watts and 18 watts, respectively. Similarly, when the bottom USB-C port and USB-A port are used together, the charger will provide a 60-watt and 22.5-watt split. When all three ports are used at the same time, the top USB-C port will deliver 45 watts, the bottom USB-C port will deliver 30 watts, and the USB-A port will deliver 18 watts.

For this review, we used the top port for charging a Huawei Matebook 14 and the bottom port to charge a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 simultaneously. In about an hour’s time, the Huawei Matebook 14 went from 33% to 100%, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was able to go from 10% to full charge.

The Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W) is priced at AED 299. That price point is great for a device that offers three ports that can charge three devices at the same time, 100W charging for laptops, and a few bells and whistles. The Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W) thus comes across as highly recommended.

Price: AED 299
Buy Now: Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W)

Review: Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W)

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