Synology Launches DS723+ at CES 2023


Synology has launched DS723+, the latest entry in Synology’s line of DiskStation Network Attached Storage (NAS) units. Powered by the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, it delivers comprehensive solutions to protect and manage data, easily collaborate on documents, access files remotely, and monitor physical assets, all within a compact desktop format.

The DS723+ is the latest entry into the “+” series of Synology’s desktop NAS units, and the first 2-bay Synology NAS to be upgradeable with 10GbE networking. The DS723+ can also be easily scaled using a DX517 expansion unit, increasing the total capacity to ten storage drives. Upgraded networking and added NVMe drives allow the user to achieve up to 10GbE, and up to 465/228 MB/s read/write speeds. Additionally, Synology’s streamlined backup and encryption software tools are included with the hardware.

Powerful protection that goes beyond data:

  • Data and Photo Back Up – The DS723+ provides a compact, subscription-free way to back up crucial data. Whether it is video files, irreplaceable family photos, or tax records, the DS723+ has a host of license and subscription-free backup applications that will allow users to make sure vital data stays protected.
  • Local storage with the benefits of the cloud – The DS723+ allows users to make use of high-performance local storage while simultaneously reducing their local storage footprint using hybrid cloud technology. Synology Hybrid Share efficiently stores cold data in the cloud while keeping frequently accessed files cached on the device and accessible at LAN speeds up to 10 gigabits per second.
  • Surveillance Station – The DS723+ can be used as a full-fledged video management system with full local data ownership. Synology’s home security solution allows users to set up a safe, secure, and subscription-free home security network. Instead of trusting cloud-based systems to securely transfer footage out of your home, Surveillance Station stores the footage on a local device.
  • Safe and Secure Sharing – By storing important data and photos locally users have direct control over who accesses it. Large cloud storage platforms are a prime target for bad actors trying to get into sensitive documents. With a Synology NAS, users can add tangible layers of security to keep important data safe and share documents securely with the click of a button.

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