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TCS Announces Generative AI Partnership with Google Cloud


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud and the launch of its new offering, TCS Generative AI. This service leverages Google Cloud’s generative AI services, to design and deploy custom-tailored business solutions that help clients harness the power of this exciting new technology to accelerate their growth and transformation.  

Building on its deep domain knowledge across multiple industry verticals and investments in research and innovation, TCS has developed a large portfolio of AI-powered solutions and intellectual property in the areas of AIOps, Algo Retail™, smart manufacturing, digital twins, and robotics. The company is currently working with clients in multiple industries, to explore how generative AI can be used to deliver value in their specific business contexts.  

This new offering is powered by Google Cloud’s Generative AI tools – Vertex AI, Generative AI Application Builder, and Model Garden, and TCS’ own solutions. TCS will use its client-specific contextual knowledge, proven design thinking, and agile development processes to ideate solutions jointly with clients, rapidly prototype the most promising ideas and build full-fledged transformation solutions with enhanced time to value.  

These collaborative exercises will utilize TCS Pace Ports, the company’s co-innovation hubs located in New York, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Amsterdam, and Tokyo, where clients can also engage with academic researchers and start-up partners from TCS’ extended innovation ecosystem.   

TCS has been investing in scaling its expertise in rapidly evolving cloud technologies. It has over 25,000 engineers certified on Google Cloud. In addition, TCS has over 50,000 associates trained in AI, with plans to earn 40,000 skill badges on Google Cloud Generative AI within the year, to support the anticipated demand for its new offering.

“With deep contextual knowledge of our customers’ businesses, we are well-positioned to build innovative enterprise-level solutions using generative AI. Our launch partnership with Google Cloud on generative AI enables us to rapidly create value for our customers. TCS is investing in assets, frameworks, and talent to harness the power of generative AI to enable growth and transformation for our customers,” said Krishnan Ramanujam, President, Enterprise Growth Group, TCS. 

“TCS’ expertise in business transformation and its commitment to training thousands of people on Google Cloud Generative AI will be important assets for businesses accelerating their generative AI adoption,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystems and Channels, Google Cloud, “TCS and Google Cloud will help address industry-specific challenges and opportunities with generative AI capabilities and solutions, with a focus on addressing real-world use cases and adding business value.”

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