Thailand’s EVOS Phoenix Takes the Crown at Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 Bangkok


After two days of fierce competition and back-to-back battles, EVOS Phoenix from Thailand has claimed its crown as champions of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 Bangkok! The second-time World Series champion took home the largest slice of the US$2,000,000 prize pool and the championship trophy, after racking 54 kills and 2 Booyahs, which landed them 117 points.

The exhilarating Finals had everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation. They saw EVOS Phoenix battle it out with Vivo Keyd from Brazil who came in second place with 114 points, and Nigma Galaxy from Thailand coming in third with 97 points. The key moment for EVOS Phoenix to win the tournament was in round 8 when they scored 30 points and successfully took over the top spot from Vivo Keyd.

It wasn’t Alpha team’s day, the only MENA team in the FFWS Finals, as they finished in the 11th position with 37 points in total. They only led by 5 points above the HQ Esports from Vietnam in the bottom position. However, the points didn’t really tell the whole story of ALPHA’s journey in the FFWS 2022 Bangkok Finals. Alpha team actually did a good job in some rounds of the game, especially in round 7 when they scored 14 total points, including 9 kills – the third most elimination point in the round.

“We are absolutely disappointed to not leave our marks in this competition as we can only finish 11th rank . We realise that we need to improve many aspects of our game if we want to compete better with the other teams in the biggest stage of Free Fire. But again, we will take this opportunity for us to learn and evaluate our team. We will not let ourselves down by the results, we are only encouraged to do more, to do better in the future and maximise our potential,” said ALPHA.

INFINITY VX, the other MENA team in the FFWS 2022 Bangkok was also having similar hard times in the tournament. They didn’t qualify for the Finals after scoring 55 points and finished 8th in the Play-Ins standing. “As our second appearance in the FFWS, we can only take positive notes from our experience in the tournament. To face the best Free Fire teams in the world was one of the best experiences for us so far. Yes, the result is far from what we want, but it won’t let us down. We will keep our heads up and try to do better by improving our game, teamwork, and mentality. The first step for us now is to ensure we qualify for the next FFWS; we are ready to battle again in the MENA region,” said INFINITY VX.

“I would like to congratulate Evos Phoenix on winning the title of Free Fire World Series, they have done a great job and deserve the trophy. Hard luck for Alpha and Infinity teams, however, I would like to thank them for all their effort during the FFWS, they have shown us good gameplay which we really enjoy, this year we will just take it as a lesson learning for us. And next year for sure the MENA team will do better. Yet I would like to take this opportunity to share that I am also preparing a team to join the upcoming official tournament by Garena Free Fire MENA, and our aim is not only winning the title of MENA region but also for next FFWS,” said Samy Ali, the 1st place winner of Free Fire: The Battle of Egypt.

“To see other teams represent the MENA region in FFWS brings us joy and hurt at the same time. We are happy to see ALPHA and INFINITY VX be there as we always support our MENA compatriots, but we are also upset about not being able to represent the region by ourselves. Now, the goal is clear for us that we need to set the bar higher and evolve our game to take over the crown in the MENA region. We are ready for the next league, we will try everything to secure the spot in the next FFWS and represent MENA,” said WASK team, the winner of Free Fire Arab League Season 5.

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