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The Humane AI Pin: A Unique Fusion of Google Glass and Pager Elements


After months of anticipation, Humane has officially introduced its groundbreaking device, the AI Pin. Priced at $699, the wearable consists of a square device and a magnetic battery pack that attaches to clothing or surfaces.

Alongside the upfront cost, users will be required to subscribe to Humane’s service for $24 per month, providing a phone number and T-Mobile data coverage. Preorders kick off on November 16th, with shipments slated for early 2024.

Weighing in at 34 grams, the Pin, equipped with a Snapdragon processor, employs voice control, gestures, a camera, and a small built-in projector for operation. The 13-megapixel camera captures both photos and videos following a software update. Notably, the Pin, unlike the Rewind Pendant, isn’t designed for continuous recording, requiring manual activation through the touchpad.

Powered by AI Mic software, the Pin connects to AI models, incorporating technologies from Microsoft and OpenAI, particularly leveraging ChatGPT access. The operating system, Cosmos, streamlines user interaction by automatically directing queries to appropriate tools, eliminating the need for extensive settings or app management.

Humane’s vision for the Pin is to simplify the user experience, allowing seamless interaction through voice or touch without the clutter of traditional interfaces.

With features like voice-based messaging, email summarization, nutritional information retrieval through the camera, and real-time translation, the Pin aims to function as a wearable, AI-powered search engine. Future plans include adding navigation and shopping capabilities, along with providing developers the opportunity to create their own tools.

Humane sees the AI Pin as a foundational step in a broader project, anticipating advancements as underlying AI models improve. The company envisions the device evolving similarly to smartphones, where improved hardware enhances user experience, but true innovation arises from the expanding range of capabilities. While challenges lie ahead, Humane is poised to embark on this transformative journey.

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