Today at VMworld 2019 Europe, VMware showcased how VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud delivers a comprehensive Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) platform that empowers enterprises to take advantage of a globally-available Network of Cloud Services to drive their businesses. VMware also detailed plans to deliver deeper integration between Microsoft Azure and the VMware SD-WAN Cloud Gateways deployed inside Azure, enabling end-to-end high performance and optimized access from enterprise branches to workloads on Azure. The Network of Cloud Services and the Azure integration furthers VMware’s vision of the Virtual Cloud Network – connecting and protecting the modern enterprise.

The traditional data center perimeter or DMZ is no longer the only location where network traffic is processed and policies are enforced. Next-generation security, business analytics, and mid-mile connectivity, as well as mission-critical applications, are all now delivered from specialty clouds. A typical business can rely on dozens of cloud services for daily operations. This multi-cloud trend, combined with containerized application architectures and the proliferation of edge computing, creates significant connectivity and security challenges for enterprises. Legacy approaches lack the cloud-scale and integrated security required to connect and protect organizations seamlessly across a global business fabric.

In response, the SASE is an emerging architecture designed to address these new networking and security challenges. As outlined by Gartner, “Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) offerings will provide policy-based ‘software-defined’ secure access from an infinitely tailorable network fabric in which enterprise security professionals can precisely specify the level of performance, reliability, security, and cost of every network session based on identity and context.”(1)

“The days of hub-and-spoke MPLS networks that connect to a hardware-based perimeter are over,” said Sanjay Uppal, vice president, and general manager, SD-WAN at VMware. “VMware combines a unique hyperscale SD-WAN architecture spanning thousands of VMware SD-WAN Cloud Gateways with the most extensive ecosystem of third-party cloud services to deliver a consistent end-user experience as well as world-class security.”

VMware SD-WAN delivers the most advanced SASE solution today based on a global, multi-service network of more than 2,000 deployed VMware SD-WAN Cloud Gateways with integrated networking and network security capabilities. The Cloud Gateways are autonomous, stateless, horizontally scalable and cloud-delivered, distributed globally across co-location, IaaS, SaaS, and telco points of presence (PoPs) with public and private peering to optimize network latency. The VMware SD-WAN Cloud Gateway architecture serves all users and devices across campus, branch, and mobile use cases. The Cloud Gateways identify each end client, steering and optimizing application traffic through the Network of Cloud Services to deliver the best user experience.

VMware SD-WAN Cloud Gateways provide the first hop for all traffic into the Network of Cloud Services made up of leading destination public clouds such as Azure, AWS, GCP, as well as leading application, security and analytics service clouds. This Network of Cloud Services spans both VMware services and best-in-class partner services, delivered from the cloud dynamically based on business policy and network conditions occurring at that instant of time. Native Cloud Gateway and Edge services include application steering, dynamic multi-path optimization, underlay visibility and reporting, on-demand mesh VPN, stateful firewall, and multi-cloud network orchestration.

VMware’s Network of Cloud Services partners includes cloud security (Zscaler, Checkpoint), cloud access security brokers, (Netskope), cloud mid-mile transit (Mode, Teridion), cloud analytics (SevOne, Plixer), and Internet exchange services (Equinix).

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