Review: Corsair K65 Pro Mini 65% Optical Gaming Keyboard


The Corsair K65 Pro Mini is a powerful keyboard that combines a compact 65% layout with essential functionality and impressive features. Designed to fit seamlessly on any desktop, this keyboard offers a range of benefits that enhance your typing and gaming experience.

One notable feature of the K65 Pro Mini is its compact size. Despite its small form factor, it includes all the crucial arrows and utility keys you need for everyday tasks. Additionally, the keyboard offers convenient secondary functions, ensuring you have easy access to important commands without sacrificing space.

The standout feature of the K65 Pro Mini is the incorporation of CORSAIR OPX optical-mechanical switches. These switches provide an incredibly smooth, linear, and ultra-responsive typing experience. With a durability rating of 150 million keystrokes, you can expect long-lasting performance without worrying about premature wear and tear.

Another impressive addition is the CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology. This innovative technology allows your keyboard inputs to reach your game up to 8 times faster compared to standard gaming keyboards. This responsiveness can significantly enhance your gaming performance, providing a competitive edge in fast-paced gameplay.

Moreover, the K65 Pro Mini supports up to 20 RGB lighting layers, allowing you to customize the keyboard’s appearance according to your preferences. The vibrant lighting effects can create an immersive gaming environment or add a touch of personal style to your setup.

To further enhance your typing experience, the keyboard comes with two layers of sound dampening. These layers effectively reduce keystroke sounds, providing a more satisfying and quieter typing experience. Whether you’re in a shared workspace or simply prefer a quieter environment, this feature ensures minimal disturbance to those around you.

In addition, the Corsair K65 Pro Mini boasts a stunning brushed aluminium top plate, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances stability. This premium construction ensures that the keyboard remains steady during intense typing or gaming sessions, providing a reliable platform for your fingertips.

The K65 Pro Mini is equipped with PBT double-shot keycaps, measuring a substantial 1.5mm in thickness. These keycaps are built to withstand heavy usage without cracking under pressure. Furthermore, they resist wear, fading, and shine, maintaining their attractive appearance over an extended period of time. With these durable keycaps, you can enjoy a premium typing experience that lasts.

When it comes to customisation and convenience, the K65 Pro Mini does not disappoint. With 8MB of onboard storage, you can store up to 50 profiles of your personalised settings and RGB configurations directly on the keyboard. This feature allows you to seamlessly transfer your preferred setup between different computers without the need for additional software installations or configurations.

Programming macros is a breeze with the K65 Pro Mini. You have the option to create macros directly from the keyboard itself or utilize Corsair’s iCUE software for more in-depth customization. Additionally, you can transform the utility keys into dedicated macro keys, enabling quick and efficient execution of complex commands with a single keystroke. This level of flexibility empowers you to optimize your workflow and enhance productivity.

For gamers who own a Sony PlayStation 4 or 5, the K65 Pro Mini offers a special mode with reduced key rollover via USB wired connection. Activated through a simple shortcut, this mode ensures seamless compatibility and responsiveness when playing games on PlayStation consoles.

The rising trend of 65% gaming keyboards is evident with the introduction of the K65 Pro Mini. This form factor has gained popularity among gamers and streamers due to its compact size, making it a perfect fit for any desktop setup. It provides all the essential gaming keys within easy reach, while secondary functions remain accessible through the convenient Function keys.

The switches on the K65 Pro Mini are of the CORSAIR OPX variant that offers a 45g actuation force, 1.0mm actuation, and 3.2mm travel and are guaranteed for 150 million keystrokes. The overall performance was fantastic, whether it was for work or play. Considering its well-rounded design, impressive features, and exceptional performance, the Corsair K65 Pro Mini justifies its price tag of $129.99. Whether you prioritise aesthetics, functionality, or gaming prowess, this keyboard delivers outstanding value for money. It is a reliable companion that will elevate your typing and gaming experiences for years to come.

Price: $129.99


Corsair K65 Pro Mini 65% Optical Gaming Keyboard


The rising trend of 65% gaming keyboards is evident with the introduction of the K65 Pro Mini. This form factor has gained popularity among gamers and streamers due to its compact size, making it a perfect fit for any desktop setup.

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